What are the functions and uses of door and window seals for home decoration?

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What are the functions and uses of door and window seals for home decoration?

(Summary description)Useofdoorandwindowseals:Thesealingstripsofdoorsandwindowscanbedividedintothreecategories:glasssealingstrips(rubberstrips),doorcoversealingstripsandwoolstrips.Glasssealingstripisusedforsealingbetweengl

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Use of door and window seals:
The sealing strips of doors and windows can be divided into three categories: glass sealing strips (rubber strips), door cover sealing strips and wool strips. Glass sealing strip is used for sealing between glass and fan and frame; door cover sealing strip is mainly used for sealing between door plate and door frame; and wool strip is mainly used for sealing between frame and fan. Sealing strip is an indispensable accessory.
Door and window seals:
Sealing strips are waterproof, sealing, energy-saving, sound insulation, dust-proof, freeze-proof and warm-keeping in doors and windows. It must have a strong tensile strength, good elasticity, but also a better temperature resistance and aging resistance. In order to ensure the tightness of the strip and the profile, the cross-section structure size of the strip must match the profile of doors and windows.
What kind of seals can meet the needs of doors and windows?
I-ECO cladding seals produced by Cui Shi of Hebei Province meet the needs of doors and windows. They are made of four excellent materials. The tough outer skin not only provides the most basic quality guarantee for the cladding seals, but also is beautiful and generous. It is a good companion for modern home doors and windows. The thermosetting core is mainly composed of PU, which is the main material of cladding seals, and its super strength. The plasticity and super-hard technology of our company are meeting the needs of different door and window manufacturers; the internal PP skeleton and TPU fish-bone barb design with perfect combination of plastics and rubber and the classification and application of double-sided tape imported from Germany have further improved the encapsulated sealing strip. Covered sealing strip is divided into self-sticking type and chute type. It can be used in different doors and windows. It is more convenient and feasible in operation and installation.
I-ECO encapsulated sealing strip achieves excellent results in aging resistance, fatigue resistance, compression deformation test, compression force test, heat conduction K value test, water invasiveness, water permeability test and so on. At the same time, the encapsulated sealing strip is energy-saving, environmental protection, sound insulation and noise reduction, strong ultraviolet ray resistance, non-toxic, does not react with any paint and cleaner, caters to the new situation. The theme of green health.
The key to the door and window is the sealing, and the sealing strip plays a decisive role. In the process of door manufacture, the proportion of investment in sealing strip is very small, but its role can not be ignored.

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