Happy Chinese New Year 2019

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Happy Chinese New Year 2019

(Summary description)DearPartner:Hello!TheSpringFestivalisatraditionalChineseholidayandalsothelegalpublicholidayofourcountry.AsthetraditionalChinesefestival"SpringFestival"iscoming,allthestaffofHebeiCui'sRubber&PlasticPro

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Dear Partner:
The Spring Festival is a traditional Chinese holiday and also the legal public holiday of our country.
As the traditional Chinese festival "Spring Festival" is coming, all the staff of Hebei Cui's Rubber & Plastic Products Technology Co., Ltd. sincerely thank you for your long-term support and understanding. I wish you a happy business in the new year and good luck! In the new year, we will work harder to provide you with better products and services.
The company will now notify the company of the Spring Festival holiday time as follows:
From February 2nd to February 11th, February 12th will go to work normally.
We apologize for the inconvenience caused by the holiday!

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