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How to correctly use wooden door seals ?

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Wooden door seals are very important in life. Everyone knows that it is used on wooden doors and is an integral part of wooden doors. How to use wooden door seals correctly?
    First of all, these seals must be aligned with the slot. These slots are all carefully calculated, so the slot must be properly placed when the sealing strip is placed, so that the sealing strip can be in close contact with the wooden door, thereby reducing the occurrence of the gap and truly sealing. The sealing function of the strip.
    Secondly, do not let the sealing strip contact corrosive substances. For example, vinegar, wooden door seals have a certain degree of corrosion resistance, but they can not withstand long-lasting corrosion. Sometimes it becomes brittle and hard, and sometimes it becomes sticky. Once the trait changes, its effect is weakened, and it can no longer function as a seal shock absorber.
    Usually pay attention to protect the seal. The sealing strip is often acted upon by the presence of a projection which is intended to provide better contact between the sealing strip and the recess, and at the same time is easily broken by external forces.
    The room needs wooden door seals to insulate and block the cold, so these seals are very useful. We hope that everyone can use these seals correctly.

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